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Ginger Cochran, MS, RDN, CDCES, CEP-ACSM

Getting the gestational diabetes diagnosis sucks and can be a shock. No one wants to gestational diabetes during a time in your life that’s meant to be enjoyed. 

I hear you. I’ve guided thousands of women through gestational diabetes to a healthy delivery. Get all the guidance, support, and information you need to get started NOW in this self-paced Master Gestational Diabetes Course. Complete with direct access to me for support.

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Meet Your Coach & Specialist

Hello, I'm Ginger

Ginger Cochran, MS, RDN, CDCES, CEP-ACSM, is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, functional medicine practitioner, Certified Diabetes Educator & Care Specialist, Certified Wellness Coach, Certified Exercise Physiologist, an integrative and functional nutrition dietitian focusing on full body self-care and nourishment.

Ginger’s primary specialty is women’s health, with a special emphasis on gestational diabetes, weight management, fertility, digestive wellness,  and overall health + happiness.

Ginger has received the Young Dietitian of the Year Award, and Weight Management Dietitian of the Year award. Ginger has worked on projects for Today Show Dietitian, Joy Bauer, Woman’s Day Magazine, and several food and health brands. 

Ginger has over 10 years of experience and has helped thousands of women live healthier lives and bring beautiful healthy babies into this world.

Does this sound like you?

You’ve tried EVERYTHING to control your blood sugar, but you are still stuck and clueless about how to control gestational diabetes through lifestyle!

You’re tired of wasting time, money, and energy searching the internet for gestational diabetes diet ideas, meal plans, and information that doesn’t fit your REAL mom lifestyle.

JUST got diagnosed, and you have an appointment with a dietitian or diabetes educator, but the stress is climbing, and your appointment is 2 to 4 weeks away!  


Your doctor wants to start medications, but you want to try every non-conventional lifestyle trick first and learn to understand your body. 

You wish someone would just guide you and answer your gestational diabetes diet and lifestyle questions now.

You're not alone

You’re experiencing this problem because...

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Healthcare offices are busy, and mom’s schedules are busy. There can be long wait times to see specialists that work with your schedule.

Finding a specialist who understands your unique needs can be hard, next to impossible.

In pregnancy, hormones are consistently climbing, making every day different on what are the best lifestyle strategies to control blood sugars.

You need a health professional with experience and devotion to understand your needs.

Ginger has all this and is here for you. Ginger Cochran, MS, RDN, CDCES, CEP-ACSM, is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist, Wellcoach, and Certified Exercise Physiologist who has helped thousands of women with gestational diabetes deliver healthy babies and make lifelong positive changes.

Ginger has put all her teaching tools into one master course and supportive documents to help guide and coach you.

Imagine the Possibility

What if I told you there was an easier way?

Imagine you could still enjoy your pregnancy even with gestational diabetes. What if I told you understanding your body and some simple adjustments can make a huge impact. What if I told you you can still enjoy many of your favorite foods?

Your pregnancy before the course:

Your life pregnancy after the course:


Mastering Gestation Diabetes Course
& PLUS Crash Course

Stop panicking. We got this. Get the tools you need now to take control of your Gestational Diabetes Diet and lifestyle.

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The Curriculum

What You'll Learn

You will understand exactly what is happening with your hormones and how simple adjustments help keep them get balanced. You will get REAL mom tricks, a meal plan guide, and tools to take control of your diet that will last you well beyond this pregnancy.

 You will get exact grocery items to buy, recipes, workouts, and stress management tools to use lifelong.

You will get transcripts of all the videos, so you don’t need to stress about note-taking. The BONUS support pdfs, and BONUS Crash Course ebook will give you everything you need at your fingertips for every type of learner.

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Series 1

What does Gestational Diabetes Mean for me?

In this 2 part pre-recorded video series. Understand exactly what gestational diabetes is. Who gets it? Why you? What you can expect during your pregnancy now that you have been diagnosed

pregnant mom cooking in kitchen over the stove with a big pot

Series 2

The Non-Conventional Real Mom meal Plan

In this 5 part pre-recorded video series, learn exactly what to eat and how to change your diet to manage your blood sugars and reduce the risk of complications. Get grocery lists and meal ideas with pictures to know exactly what to buy at the grocery store.

happy mom with hands on her pregnant belly

Series 3

Relaxation tools for Blood Sugars control

In this 5 part pre-recorded video series understand exactly how stress hormones impact blood sugars and their fluctuations. Get free resources to enjoy anytime plus yoga, breathing techniques, and meditations shown to help lower blood sugars

pregnant exercising with two weights

Series 4

The Power of Physical Activity

In this 3 part pre-recorded video series, you will learn the power of physical activity and the right exercises for blood sugar stabilization and strength pregnancy. You get a home exercise routine from Cal Poly University Strength and Conditioning coach and owner of strong Like Mom.

pregnant women sleeping with body pillow

Series 5

The Secret Key to Sleep & Fasting Blood Sugar

In this prerecorded series you will understand what role your sleep has in your blood sugar control and how to better manage your sleep and FASTING BLOOD SUGAR.

Bonuses (value $290)

Enroll now and you'll also get these 4 bonusEs totally FREE!

gestational diabetes course of gestational diabetes diet and lifestyle management


The Bonus #1 One Month support access with the dietitian diabetes specialist

One month text support via Whatsapp with the Ginger Cochran, MS,RDN,CDCES, CEP-ACSM to ask lifestyle questions and get coaching support once the course is completed. (A $200 value)


The Bonus #2 crash course ebook

Get the crash course ebook for free with purchase of the course. This ebook i the cliff notes to the course. For the busy mom that needs to speed through the course before diving into the lessons. This serves as your reminder of the basics of the series. ($30 Value)


The Bonus #3 Food Guide

The food guide contains 42 meal ideas with recipes and sample meal plan plus discount codes for some of my favorite products, portion guide, and easy to follow grocery item recommendation with pictures and locations that you or your partner can easily follow. ($50)


The Bonus #4 Food, Blood Sugar, & Lifestyle Chart

Track everything that can affect your blood sugars in one easy 40-week log including sleep hygiene, stress, blood sugar, and food intake. ($10)

Plus, You'll also get

The support students will have access to

30 Days Coaching

One month of text support via Whatsapp with the opportunity to continue at an 80% discount for course students

15 on demand videos

5 lessons and 15 videos to do at your own pace to fully understand the holistic approach to gestational diabetes 

Workbook & Checklist

Your workbooks will have all the information you need to get started.

That’s a Total Value of over $589

One payment of


One Payment


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Ginger was absolutely one of the most available and responsive professionals I dealt with throughout my entire pregnancy. Managing something like GDM which was highly important, yet very new to me, I had a lot of anxiety around it. She was always there with an encouraging, calm, and positive reception to all of my questions and concerns. I left every meeting of ours feeling a hundred times less anxious than I entered it. Have no fear; you’re in good hands with her.

Mama, California

picture of mom

“Working with Ginger during my pregnancy helped me manage my blood sugars and build habits that help me lose weight postpartum. I am now thinner and healthier than when I got pregnant!”

Mama, Santa Barbara

“Getting my blood sugars under control with Ginger’s help totally changed my pregnancy. I did not realize how much my symptoms were the result of my diet and blood sugars. I felt so much better once we set up a plan”

Mama, Pennsylvania

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Frequently Asked Questions

The course is pre-recorded and on demand. You can begin and end at your pace.

As long as this course is posted you will have access to the course. You can download all educational materials from the course for a lifetime of access. 

Absolutely everything is broken down so you will understand exactly the what why and how of the gestational diabetes diet and lifestyle changes.

This is a final purchase. Since most of my materials can be downloaded I can not give refunds once purchased.

Ready to get stop the stress?

Buy now and stop the time consuming googling spiral of stress

Frequently Asked Gestational Diabetes questions

Gestational diabetes meal plans don’t have to be complicated. Many of my clients find that using the plate method to check that they eat more protein or healthy fat than carbohydrates can help control their blood sugars.

Make sure you pick high-fiber carbohydrate choices with a minimum of 3 grams of fiber.

Get detailed guidance on the gestational diabetes meal plan on my Gestational Diabetes Master Course or by booking 1:1 individual coaching with me. I focus on an integrative food-first approach to managing gestational diabetes easily and without stress.

Thankfully as long as blood sugars are kept in control, your risk for complications is the same as if you didn’t have gestational diabetes.

Poorly managed gestational diabetes increase risk of the following increased risk of developing diabetes in both you and the baby, hypoglycemia at delivery for baby, the risk for obesity, shoulder and nerve damage during birth because they are too big to fit through your birth canal, large for gestational age, and Cesarean section.

AGAIN, with the right coaching and help, these risks reduce significantly.

Fasting blood sugar after an 8-10 hour fast should be under 95 mg/dL. One hour after you start eating a meal, your blood sugars should be <140 mg/dL. If you miss your one-hour check, you can check at two hours; this should be <120 mg/dL.

Fasting (first thing in the morning), blood sugars should be 65-94 mg/dL. A fasting number under 70 mg/dL is considered too low throughout the day.

To treat a low, eat 15g of an easily digestible carbohydrate like ½ cup juice, 3 small pieces of candy, 1 slice white bread, or ½ banana and wait 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, your blood sugars should have risen.

Gestational Diabetes is managed with diet and lifestyle modifications. If blood sugars remain uncontrolled, a doctor may want to start insulin or to help control blood sugars or Metformin. Check out my integrative nutrition and lifestyle approach to managing gestational diabetes on my Gestational Diabetes Master Course or book 1:1 coaching with me.

Through diet modifications and lifestyle, you may gain control of your blood sugars and avoid taking insulin. Book a visit with me or take my Gestational Diabetes Master Course to learn how!

Gestational diabetes is diabetes that usually develops around the third trimester of pregnancy when hormones start peaking. Gestational diabetes is prevalent in women of all shapes and sizes. Estimates range from 6-20% of pregnancies are affected by gestational diabetes.

GESTATIONAL DIABETES IS NOT YOUR FAULT. Gestational diabetes means your body cannot adjust to the extra insulin resistance created by the hormones in the pregnancy. Too much insulin resistance causes your blood sugars to be high, and diet and lifestyle adjustments may help.


Gestational diabetes does not mean you will have l diabetes forever. Once you deliver your baby, you will deliver the placenta, which is causing the problem, and your diabetes should resolve. You will be asked to have your blood sugars checked postpartum to confirm.

Don’t see your question in the FAQ’s?

I love connecting with you and answering your burning questions about the Online Mastering Gestational Diabetes. You can email us directly at RDNginger@gmail.com to get in touch and we’ll return the favor within 48 business hours.