The Best Diabetes Snacks at Target- Winter 2023

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The request for more diabetes snack ideas from my gestational diabetes patients is one of the most popular requests I get. This makes sense for the following reasons: 

  1. My busy moms often run around town and try to manage work-life balance. Healthy snacks help keep their nutrition on track when schedules are busy.
  1. As your pregnancy progresses, there is much less space for large meals, making snacking necessary for your prenatal nutrition.
  1.  Eating balanced snacks can help keep your blood sugars from going too high or too low throughout the day, help portion control, and decrease cravings for carbs. 

On my latest shopping trip to Target, I took a moment to find all the gestational diabetes snacks at Target that I could find. If you’re looking for protein drinks, check out my blog on the best protein drinks and clear protein drinks. For everything else, check out my list below!

Gestational Diabetes Snacks at Target – Winter 2023

  1. Grillo’s Pickle Chips- Cheers to that refreshing, salty, crunchy snack! Pickles are super blood sugar friendly. Feel free to eat them all!
  2. Perfect Bar Snack Size– Make sure to pick the snack size Perfect bar. The full-size bar has way too much sugar to make it a gestational diabetes-friendly snack, but the snack size is perfect! It comes down to portions, right?
  3. Cottage Cheese- I’m a huge fan of Good Culture cottage cheese lactose-free. PLUS, I realized Good Culture at Target is $2 cheaper than most other stores. Win!
  4. Siggi’s Icelandic Cream Skyr- I love Siggi’s. It’s one of my personal favorites due to its high protein, low carb, whole food ingredients, and amazing taste. Because of the way Icelandic Skyr is made, it is naturally low-carb, making it a great gestational diabetes snack. Their plain variety will be super low carb, while their flavored versions will still be balanced because they aren’t overly sweetened. 
  5. Fage Greek Yogurt- When it comes to Greek yogurt, Fage is literally the king of the world. You can find it in many countries. Because Greek yogurt is strained more than regular yogurt, it is higher in protein and is naturally lower in lactose. I add cinnamon to mine to help cut the tart flavors. You can also melt berries and add them to your yogurt, letting the juices flavor it.
  6. Two Good Yogurt– This yogurt is a popular gestational diabetes snack choice for my patients.  It is not as thick as Greek yogurt or Skyr, and you still get a good amount of protein at 12g per cup. 
  7. Chobani Zero-Sugar- If you’re not a fan of plain yogurt, Chobani has a flavor for everyone!
  8. Dannon Oikos Pro– Oikos has one of the highest protein yogurts that are flavored. When it comes to flavored Greek yogurt, Oikos is a patient favorite.
  9. Ratio Protein– I discovered this Greek yogurt brand at the Food Nutrition Conference and Expo this fall. It has a whopping 25g of protein per serving. These yogurts are a great way to meet your prenatal nutrition needs and a great diabetes snack.
  10. Gimme Seaweed Snacks– Seewead is a great salty, crunchy snack that doesn’t have much to it besides vitamins and minerals. If you’re craving something crunchy and salty, bite into a Gimme Seaweed Snack Pack.
  11. Mixed Nut Packs– Target has a variety of single-serving nut packs. I had my eye on the raw mixed-nut pack from Good & Gather. Mixed nuts are a great way to prevent boredom and get a variety of nutrients plus fiber in.
  12. Skinny Dipped Dark Chocolate Almonds– You heard me right, chocolate. Skinny Dipped brand does a great job of just slightly covering their nuts with chocolate.
  13. Alani Protein Bar– I had never seen this brand before. It has an impressive 17g of protein and comes in fun flavors like Rocky Road. Yum! 
  14. FulFil Vitamin & Protein Bar– This bar is balanced with only 15g of carbs and 15g of protein, making it a perfectly balanced gestational diabetes snack bar.
  15. KIND Thins- I love KIND bars, but some are too high in sugar for me. KIND’s Thin line is awesome. They have my favorite flavor, Dark Chocolate Nuts and Sea Salt, plus only 10g of carbs.
  16. KIND Protein- KIND has a protein bar they launched, and every bar has 12g of plant-based protein, 17g of carbs, and 18g of healthy fat.
  17. Ratio Keto Friendly Crunch Bar: This is a great swap if you miss your Nature Valley bars as much as I do. Each bar has 17g of fat, 9 g of carbs, and 12 g of protein, which is much better than the other high-sugar crunch bars we all grew up with.
  18. Think High Protein Bars– Think Bar is a client favorite. Plus, you can get these at Costco! Each bar has 20g of protein, which is much higher than most bars.
  19. Think Keto Protein Bars- If you’re trying to up your fat intake, Think has a high-fat keto bar with 10g of protein, 9g of carb, and 13g of fat.
  20. Unite Churro Protein Bars– Unite had me at ‘churro.’ each bar has 11g of protein, 9 g of fat, and 19g of carb, making a balanced snack that tastes like you’re at the fair.
  21. Epic Chicken Sriracha Bar– This is a pure protein bar right here. These Epic bars contain only chicken and spices. Each bar gives you a filling 11g of protein.
  22. Justin’s Almond Butter–  I’m a huge fan of snack packs of nut butter. Justin’s makes it super easy and delicious to have your nut butter on the go. You can pair it with fruit or simply enjoy it from the pack.  Either way,, it’s a great gestational diabetes snack.
  23. Pearl Olives to Go– My clients either love or hate olives. I personally love them. Plus, that salty, sour taste may help with nausea. These packs are a perfect low-carb and healthy fat treat.

Bottom Line on Diabetes Snacks at Target

Worry no more! Save this list and take it with you on your next Target run. These are all gestational diabetes snacks that take no prep and will satisfy your cravings. For more snack ideas, check out my 30 Gestational Diabetes Snacks here. For my Master Gestational Diabetes Course that includes 30 Days of text coaching, check here! You can text me while you’re grocery shopping, and I can help!!! You don’t have to do this alone!

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Ginger Cochran is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, functional medicine practitioner, Certified Diabetes Educator & Care Specialist, Certified Wellness Coach, Certified Exercise Physiologist, and owner of Nutritious Ginger, an integrative and functional nutrition practice focusing on full body self-care and nourishment. Ginger’s primary specialty is women’s health, with a special emphasis on gestational diabetes, weight management, infertility, digestive wellness, and overall health + happiness.
Ginger serves on the board of director for the Nutrition Care Manual by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.