May 2023

The Best Tips for Making Desserts Healthy for Diabetics

Baking is comforting and natural when nesting for a new addition. Unfortunately, most treats contribute to high blood sugar and sometimes a little (unnecessarily) guilt. Adding extra protein, healthy fat, and fiber to your favorite treats while cutting back on sugar can help you enjoy your favorite comfort and nesting foods without the blood sugar highs, and guilt. 

The Best Sugar Substitutes for Gestational Diabetes

Are you pregnant with gestational diabetes and struggling with sugar cravings? You are not alone! Don’t worry. There are many delicious low-carb dessert alternatives to try. What works best for your sweet bids and blood sugars may take some trial and error, but it’s worth it. In this blog, I’m diving into what safe options my clients have used and tasted tested to keep their blood sugar and taste buds happy!